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Brief description of link pages

No1. A collection of writings and links about the authors favourite event of the year "Halloween". No2.A page written to reveal the pleasures and fantasies of Urmo and Urmoverse. No3.Link back to the Nesthole. No4.A Link to our family website Suffering Smoke.
No5.The Portugal adventure . No6.Two poems written about one of fatman's favourite movies predator aptly entitled Fatman V Predator or FVP. No7.Space the family frontier, this is a grouping of decades showing my family through the last fifty years. No8.Fatman's bikes is a complete listing of motorcycles owned and hammered in the ground by fatman. It has reviews, pictures, video's, sounds and stories about motorcycles. This page is strictly for bikers.
No9.All the poems written by fatman. No10.Everything you need to know about making wine, fatmans favourite hobby. What we have here is country wine recipes, a link to Monty's page, cool labels and comment from the Dude himself. No11.Writings based on the humorous adventures of Albert Map and his friends. No12.Other stories contains five different links .[Hound of the Nolan's].[Top Gear].[How green are you?].[Myth of Peckules].[Holocaust of the Nolan's].

It's all real - Iv'e got the photograph.

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