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2 .Urmo

3 .Deano

4 Clacko


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Daily Sport : Big one to strike Earth

Within the last three days a meteor otherwise thought to be redundant named NC24 has been reported by NASA to be on a collision course with Earth. We talked to a Mr Darren Jackson in the street but couldn't understand a fucking word he said. It seems he was on his way to church, not to pray but sit on top on the roof for some strange reason. 

Many promising theoretical solutions have been put forward by astro physicists worldwide including goose expert Dr David Roden (PhD) to resolve the problem.  Dr Roden's theory of which came first the duck or the egg, was laughed out by scientists everywhere because the answer was quite simply the goose. How can you have siblings without a fuck occurring? All hypotheses have been analyzed and then rejected, except the one presented by astro spunk engineer Stephen Urmson.
Stephen was the winner of last years Sport's prize, fastest wank ever timed at 10.998 seconds.
The part-time cow teat tester and Farmaserve astro mammary engineer talked briefly at his local pub to our large breasted female reporter. Mr Urmson said "The main problem is ejaculating Oops! I mean calculating the exact projection of NC24 over face, Errrr! space". He then continued to demonstrate his theory on the pool table using all the balls on the table plus two spare ones, he pulled from his shorts accompanied by his cock. Sadly, Mr Urmson was later arrested and charge with indecent explosion between two orbiting globes. Sounds like a load of tit wank to me! Anyway here's the fantastic graphics created with Gif Animator and hours of manipulation.


Wait for the meteor to hit Earth, then move your mouse over it

It's life Ste, but not as we know it, not as we know it

If you want sound click below: This does requires speakers

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