Fatman's guide to understanding wine.

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Wine colour.
Red wine can only be made from black grapes. The colour comes from the skin, if the skins are removed the wine will be white. Green grapes produce white wine only. Rose wine is made by leaving the skins in for a short period or by the blending of red and white.

Sweet, medium and dry refers to taste in relation to sugar content left after fermentation. Dry being unsweetened.

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Wine colour
Red-ish with what can only be described as slug scum floating down the side. White-ish with bits of the same slug scum creeping down the side and what looks like decaying frogspawn floating on the bottom
Rose wine is made by blending red-ish with white-ish to give shite-ish.

Sweet, medium and dry. Sweet
caused by unfermented sugar and not reading instructions properly.



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