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'Predator the Poem'By Spit Nolan                       


Read the words and stay a while

Predator 'The Movie' Spit Style

This stuff's not wrote for maggots

take a hike slack-jawed faggots

The Alien comes from outer space

to track and kill the human race.

Green berets in the jungle heat

hanging up like rotten meat.

Then you're in a world of pain

chewing bacca next to hard man blain.

Sexual Tyrannosaurus rex

just take a look Arnie's pecs.

On the chopper with the team

Dillon's hangin with the cream.

The predator swings from tree to tree

hiding with invisibility.

Hawkins first, then big man Blain

by this time Billy's gone insane.

Mac and Dillon are next to go

Billy puts Up quite a show.

Last to die is Private Poncho

this makes Arnie the head honcho.

Arnie fires and runs to find cover

to save that fuckin Anna mother.

The famous line"if it bleeds we can kill it"

made this thriller such a killer.

Before the Predator dies he pukes green blood

and laughs like Billy at Arnie covered mud.

Arnie runs through the jungle very fast

immediately followed by a nuclear blast.

The scene is set for a Predator sequel

but the film is nothing without the original people.

cast :


Spit fartzenegger



Carl Weathers



Thomas Carrillo



Bill Puke



Nick Ventura



Rich Landham



Marcus chaffin



Andy Black





Kevin Peter Hall

Predator II or S V P'by Spit Nolan

Up in the hills on a summer night

half canned we tried to re-enact their fight.

I was Dutch and Nick was Blain

but Tom did not want to play the game.

Rich must have been Billyboy

he disappeared into the night

I think he went for a shite.

Marcus Curtis was also there
 in despair with his chaffing underwear.

We drank till darkness fell

it must have been a bloody hell.

we couldn't see on the downward haul

the darkness fell - I took a nasty fall.

With no mega torch things looked bad

but nobody died it wasn't sad.

As I looked back in fading light

I nearly had a horrible fright.

I swear I saw the predator swing

and his laser zooming thing.

It could have been ten pints of shit welsh beer

or maybe some fiend hunting deer.

Back at base we lit a fire to keep away the howling sheep

We drank till dawn I didn't get a single wink of sleep.

Halfway through this dreadful night

I legged it for a fuckin shite.

The bog was full just like the moon

I had to crouch I felt a loon.

I had to dock it just like a rocket

and use the single tissue in my pocket.

The predator stayed at bay

but I'll be back another day.

So when the heat of summer comes again

It's Wales we go to play the game.

Asta la vista

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