G a m e P a g e

>yo yo yo you crazy kids. This is where the real action is- mega radical downloadable action that is.
Bad command or file name.

>Yes, here are two super cool free downloads. However, you need to run them from Dos, which is why it sounds like I am off the Turtles.
Bad command or file name.

>Welcome back to the 1990's. Does not support Windows XP, or anything written after about 1993.
Bad command or file name.

>Who knows- maybe some downloadable patches will be available soon, or whatever the lingo is._


Rrrog Teaser Pic Tap into the mind of a small guinea pig, Rrrog, made even more taxing by the fact that this 'mind' was programmed by a fifteen year old boy nerd whose sole ambition in life was to bone Chun-Li. Rescue your guinea pig chum! Negotiate the perilous cultural symbolism of Chester scallies! Who knows- there may be a reward waiting for you. (It's some lettuce or something- sorry to spoil the surprise pal. Life is tough.)

'10/10- a dystopian hutch world'- Game Biz


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The Adventures of Captain Krik

Krik Teaser Pic Programmed by a dormouse and a pixy, a mature adventure game that takes you into the supercool world of Star Trek, beautifully rendered in text. Explore new galaxies, fight in-jokes about old PC games, record your own version of 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.'

'Sensitive exploration of Catholic guilt'- Kolly Kibber


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>PATCH UPDATE! These two games have now been minimally tested under DOSBox and been found to sort-of-work.
(i'm not going to bother with the console error messages anymore. I think that would be labouring the joke)

>"Sort-of" is generous though. You pretty much have to run them in DOS to get the full experience. Old Skool!

Dor Tetris

Dor Tetris Teaser Pic Yes, it is just tetris unfortunately. No new takes or twists on the gameplay unless you count replacing the usual blocks with little dormice that fall asleep when they settle. Just run the downloaded file to unzip the game to a directory of your choosing. Then run the executable in that directory. In the unlikely event of it not working, feedback would be much appreciated.

'Cease and desist your infringement of our copyrighted name'- Nintendo


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Dor Ponganoids

Dor Ponganoid Teaser Pic It sounds like a comical medical condition and being inflicted with it is probably about as much fun. Sadly it's just Pong (2-player) and Arkanoid (1-player) in a misleadingly ingeniously named double-pack of bad clones. Same instructions as Dor Tetris (above) except requires a half-decent PC (yes really) to be able to handle the graphixx and leetzorz coding.

'Pong/Breakout/Arkanoid was the very definition of 1972/1976/1986. There wasn't a person in the country who wasn't constantly playing Pong/Breakout/Arkanoid. Just cut in the one you need yeah?' - Paul Morley


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Crap Rat Level

Crap Rat Level Teaser Pic Crap Rat Level is currently the greatest product of the Nesthole's game development efforts. Initially it set out to copy 'Super Mario World' even down to the naming scheme (qualatitive comment, protaganist, scope of playable environment). It wasn't long though before it began to mould itself into a unique entity and boasting features that surpassed those of its predecessor. 'Imaginitive' collision detection, unwieldy level editing and a 'novel' range of music and SFX make this a must-download.

'This is shit and my birthday was 10 months ago' - Rat


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