Submission Page

Haha! Yes, we've got you now. You're in the big brown page of death where anyone foolish enough to go clicking around 'submit content' links ends up. Now you're going to be harassed to contribute something creative to the Nesthole. You know you want to. You know we want you to. A lot.

How to Submit:
  • Create something to submit. Preferably it will either be text-based or image-based since anything else might be a bit hi-tech and difficult, but we will try and accomodate whatever.
  • Choose a sophisticated sounding nom de plume for yourself like 'Olivia la Fontaine', 'goblin' or 'fatman' so you dont seem like a real person. That's just one of our things.
  • Email it to
Why Submit?:
  • No reason really, which is good for criteria conformity...
Criteria for Submissions:
  • Should preferably be: creative + funny
  • Needn't be: good in any other sense

The only catch really is that you have to put time and creative effort into something without any foreseeable benefit from doing so. Oh and you will then be obliged to create your own Manifesto Page too. Which in turn entails the horrible process of thinking of the meaning of your existence. See the Manifesto Page for examples.

Also please note that submissions cannot be put directly onto the site in DOC format or any other kind of formatted text. Such documents will happily be accepted but we will have to extract the text from them without the formatting and then re-format them manually. The content of such submissions will not be edited but the formatting may appear substantially different. Plain text is fine too and will be formatted unless otherwise requested. Of course HTML format would be best of all but is not necessary.