This is the News...!

09th February 2009

In spite of all one of The Nesthole's regular contributors defecting, somehow it bravely limps on. I'll try and keep this drivel ticking over a bit more regularly than usual, for what purpose I know not. Something to do innit.

28th July 2007

Well, its almost been a week since we opened our nesthole online. And what a week its been. Even as we speak, tyrants everywhere tremble at the awesome power of satire. Anyway, here is some new stuff. In case you haven't got it by now, submissions of all varieties are welcome, apart from the overly serious. In particular, we are looking for:

Please sign the guestbook so that it looks like we got friends. And if you find any errors on the site, please let us know what page and which internet browser you use. Thanks.

22nd July 2007 - The Nesthole hates Internet Explorer!

I guess it might not be such a new era if you're using IE. Unfortunately this website was tested using only Mozilla Firefox while it was being made and it has just been discovered that it consequently doesn't work too well under any other master.

22nd July 2007 - Nesthole Re-Opens!

Welcome to the dawning of a new era.