1933 special

Herr Hitler calls for fixed term Reichstag

The newly elected Chancellor of Germany, Mr. Adolf Hitler, announced to the Reichstag last night his proposal for an ‘Enabling Act’, which would allow the Nazi party to remain in power unchallenged for the next four years. Herr Hitler explained to the packed house that such a measure was necessary for political and economic stability.

Political commentators have welcomed the measure, particularly pointing to the vulnerability of the Deutschmark, which has fluctuated wildly in value following the 1929 global recession.

In spite of gaining the highest percentage of the vote, the Nazi party failed to gain an outright majority in the recent national election, and do not have the seats required to pass this constitution changing measure. However, they are thought to have the support of the Centre Party, the third largest party in the German parliament after the recent elections.

Herr Hitler has today been busy appointing posts in his government. A surprise omission has been Dr. Liam Fox, who, sources close to the Chancellor say, was left out due to his extreme militaristic views.

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