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Unexpected win for fundamentalist

Defying the expectations of expert opinion polls and grassroots reports, the right wing extremist John Major swept to victory last night. The traditionalist Conservative party, which has held the state of the United Kingdom in its grasp for the past 11 years, somehow managed to cling onto power.

The victory by Major, a hardline fundamentalist who won the support of his fanatical followers with his slogan ‘Back to Basics,’ defied the predictions of political scientists, by managing to defeat Labour who had a consistent lead in opinion polls during the run up to the election.

However, Major and Conservative interests were backed by powerful international undemocratic forces, believed to be operating outside the UK and exerting their influence over the electoral process. The result also came as a shock to Labour campaigners on the ground, who believed they were assured of victory.

powerful international undemocratic interests

Today, nobody claimed the election was rigged, or the legitimacy of Major’s premiership, and the US did not discuss plans of containment of the rogue state of the UK.