Royal Letters

Those Diana letters in full

By our creepy Royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchall

The continuing inquest into the tragic death of the Queen of all our Hearts has so far cost the British taxpayer an estimated £10 million. However, even this seemingly huge amount is a small price to pay for the touching insights we have gained over the last few months into the private life of one of Britainís most important historical figures. If £10 million is the price we have to pay as citizens of this great country in order to get closure for the untimely death of the woman who came closest to representing Britannia, then so be it.

One of the most touching revelations of the inquest has been the airing of a private correspondence between Diana and her then father in law, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. The warmth and affection belies the popular impression of Prince Philip as a crusty old racist, and instead marks him out as a person of considerable tact and sensitivity.

letter from Lady Di to Phil

letter from Phil to lady Di