Writers' toilets

This week: Jeanette Winterson shows us her smallest room

a blue toilet Jeanette Winterson's toilet

This toilet is where I have come up with some of my best creative ideas. I think the blue colour is unusual for toilets and for me, as a woman, of course the colour blue challenges the typical gender stereotypes. This is also a very functional working class toilet. As you can see, there is not even a sink in here. This is because the northern working classes used to be very poor, but always had pride and dignity, and kept themselves scrupulously clean. So even when they only went for a slash, they wouldnīt wash their hands in a basin, but instead would boil gallons of water on the fire in order to have a proper stand up wash in the bash. Even today, I fill a tin bath from the kettle every time I use the toilet to remind me of my roots. The small window is important because it limits outside distractions, allowing me to focus on my most important thoughts, i.e., having a crap.

Next week: Seamus Heaneyīs bidet