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Iran to develop offensive weapon

The possibility of Iran developing an offensive weapon loomed large on the world agenda today. Reports suggest that Iran, led by the extremist Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, have plans to develop X-ray specs. These spectacles, designed to give the wearer the ability to see underneath a personís clothing to see their underwear, would be an alarming addition to Iranís military arsenal.

how xray spectacle technology is thought to work

The US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, warned that Iran must be prepared to enter into negotiations with the United States, or face sanctions. ĎIt is vital that Iran cooperates with the world to allow UN inspectors to assess their X-ray spectacle research and development capabilitiesí, Ms. Clinton continued.

A report, co-authored by CIA and MI5 intelligence sources, suggest Ahmedinejad has been stockpiling 20p pieces over a period of the last three years in order to send off for a pair from the back of Eagle comic.

lax security worldwide has made it easier for extremists to access this technology

President Ahmedinejad has previously denied any X ray specs development program, claiming that using Henry Kissinger style glasses to covertly look at womenís underwear would be Ďagainst Islam.í