The Book of Faust

In the beginning was the word, and the word was "bullshit". Faust looked unto the mass media, and saw that it was simply a tool owned and used by capitalists to bypass democracy by turning voters into drooling fuckwit automata eager to do the capitalists' bidding. Faust saw this, and lo, he was most displeased. With vigour he attempted to rouse the sleeping people, but ye, they did continue their slumber, sucking peacefully on the crumbs from the capitalists' table.

Faust was angry, and did stride to the government buildings, and lo he saw that the mainstream political parties did not do what the voters wanted, as they were also owned by capitalists, through the payment of gold in party donations. Great was Faust's rage, and he did attempt to smite these things that he hated with the staff of Faust. These things and only these things are hated by Faust; bullshit, stupidity, ignorance, environmental destruction and cultural degeneracy.

Faust did see the trick that the capitalists had pulled, the creation of a false political dichotomy of capitalism vs international democratic socialism, he did see that ye they were a rock and a hard place, leading to irreversable loss of high culture, identity, ecology and decent self-respecting people. He saw that the socialists were verily fooled into being terriers by the capitalists to usher in the depression of wages and working conditions of the poor through mass immigration. Mass immigration was also used to expand western markets, thereby creating economic growth. Faust saw that the people were tricked into thinking immigration made them richer, as the GDP increased. Faust saw that these people were fooled, as GDP per head, the true measure of mean wealth was not raised.

When Faust spoke of these things with the people, great was their confusion and indignation. They said unto Faust, you are an extremist, a hater of unrestrained, soul destroying, art compromising, planet destroying capitalism. You do not welcome the exploitation of poor people through mass immigration, you are a fascist.

Great was Faust's fear as he realised the completeness of his enemy's trick. Lo he did keep his gob shut, for whilst he did not hate anybody on the grounds of their race, he wished not to be falsly tried at the hands of the racist finder generals, and produced poorly drawn cartoons for a satirical website instead.

Hark, said Faust, may I be even a tiny bit as funny as some of the codexs scribed by fatman on nesthole. On the seventh day, Faust rested.