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The list of links you see on the right is not, as it might seem at first, a practical demonstration of the concept of infinity, it's a running list of the contributors to this site. And associated with each and every one of these is a personal manifesto. The Nesthole is fueled by a synergistic mish-mash of conflicting ideals and these manifestos are the documentation of those ideals. They're in no way similar to those sickly like/dislike personality summary things. Just click on a name to reach this exciting verdict yourself.

The Manifestos of the Creatures of the Nesthole:

king rich

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The Nesthole is currently accepting offers for material of sufficient quality and greatness to accompany the in-house works already appreciated by our numerous visitors. And as if artistic approval from such a prestigious body weren't enough of an incentive already, all contributors get to "have" their own cool and subversive manifesto page! Anything will be accepted so long as it is vaguely creative and vaguely funny. E-mail us your stuff now at Submit Now! Submit Submit! Submit!

The Nestbook

Did you know that this site has been visited by a Holly Bush? You might have if you'd ever happened to view the nestbook. Obviously doing that would be pretty cool and you'd get to see the increasingly futile attempts at eking out jokes from the same four questions that everyone else has answered. But cooler yet would be if you were to sign the nestbook because then we would know that we had "nests?" who visited the site. The nesthole would then be very happy and I don't even know if this is really sarcasm or not.