La Dola

As ripped off from the Kinks By Fatman

(editor's note: The chords are intro: C,C, D, E then for every verse E,E,A,D,E. chorus i.e the la la lola bits is E,E,A,D,C,D back to E. The bridge bit is roughly B,F#,A. There is another bridge bit, the bit in the original which goes "I pushed her away/ I walked to the door" but I can't see where to fit that in.)

His girl is jenny, she saves every penny
And he makes her write loads of stuff for the Nest-hola
N-e-s-tĖhola Nesthola

He lives on the dole in a fucking shithole
And doesnít want a job coz heís a Xbox slob

d-o-l-a la dola La-La-la-la dola

Hes got a plastic degree
And takes the piss out me
But they thought he was cool in the band at school
before dola
La-la-la-la dola

well he played the drums when he lived at his mums
But if thinks this is drummin heís got another thing commin

Oh dola La-La-la-la dola-la-la-la-la dola


well we drank damson wine, he didnít fell fine
and the song doesnít rhythm because I havnít got the time.
He threw up his guts all over the floor and
she walked out the door saying I canít take no-more

Well heís not the worlds most brainest guy
but when he signed on it was a personal high down at the dola

La-la-la-la dola la-la-la-la dola dola la-la-la-la dola la la-la-la dola

Heís bright and funny, doesínt care for money
he could do quite well in factory hell
all he needs is a job according to the counter slob.

well their on his case down at that dole place
and itís all a big race to get off the dola
la-la-la-la dola

work is work and dole is the goal
itís a mixed up life with no money or trouble and strive expect for me dola
la-la-la-la dole

well he left home with no hope of job
and took a degree in hallam university
but the course was too hard and the dole so fine
all he had to do was sign on the dotted line

well heís not the worlds most senseable guy
but after five years in shef land heís saved up two grand
getting shite faced on the dola

la-la-la-la dola la-la-la-la dola
dola la-la-la-la dolala-la-la-la dola

the end, thank fuck. no more wrting song shit