A Greek philosopher

Once upon a time there lived a boy who had no ambitions but to live the life that the gods had thought fit to give him this life would involve wealth, love and happiness.

As a man the gods provided him plenty of beer, shit jobs and awful women to both amuse and confuse their disciple to near death. But the man was stronger than the gods and he overcome all obstacles put in front of him.

The older the man got the wiser he became he learnt by his mistakes eventually and soon realised that nothing he did would have any effect on the path of his destiny as it was pre written by the gods and you just after accept it.

The philosophy of his life was destiny. which itself was already laid down like an unmoveable railway track and you are a train on that track. The track has a start and finish just like a book. Things that happen in life are meant to happen and things that donít happen werenít meant to happen.

I donít have any religious or political ideologies. The family and friends you meet in life are the only things worth fighting for or standing up for.

Allan Nolan aged 46 ĺ - Personnel CV

Single> Homeless(close enough)> Jobless (close enough)> Penniless(close enough)> cognation white useless > transport>ford kart>Health deteriorating rapidly>weight out of control>alcohol>yes

the end

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