Fatman's Wonderful List

This is a list of things that have made life wonderful people can add their own name and own wonderful list. ďThere are other lists just like this one but this my listĒ a full mental jacket moment.

My parents and family are top then:

  1. One of the most exhilarating things I have every done was pissed up mountain biking. When on holiday with Thomas and mark in the Lakes we went to the drunken duck in Hawkeshead on mountain bikes and downed about six pints. We then cycled down the very steep hill from the drunken duck to the Clapgate pub at the foot of the hill. It was totally amazing the feeling coming down the hill, I never knew drink driving was so much fun. Itís a massive buzz, I donít know if itís the out of control thing or it was just the feeling of euphoria. But I can honestly recommend it to anyone who wants a massive buzz without drugs. We later drank another two pints in the clapgate and were off again in the pitch black of night on the bikes, it was simply brilliant.
  2. Another good buzz is getting totally shit faced then going walking late at midnight over rough terrain or the side of a mountain. Itís a bit scary but great fun, donít sober up because you will lose your bottle or youíll get lost. Forget carrying water take a good supply of ammo (ale) in a hathersack. Always use the country code, get shit faced and throw cans every where, if you see any wildlife try to kill it predator style pretending to be Dutch or blane. Itís also a time when men can do a bit of bonding but no nude wrestling like the film Ďwomen in loveí thatís touching on shirt lifter zone. Definitely not a women thing involves pretending to be hard so leave the girls/females at home and nick Hines (joking).
  3. High speed jet skis in Greece with nick and Thomas another great buzz. I didnít do very well on the Jet Ski but I think I would have mastered it if I had had more practice. They worked the head on me because they had previous test rides the day before while I was swimming.
  4. Climbing mount vesuvus with a yank and the burning fields of fleggley in Italy awesome feeling of fear. Itís like being on another planet mars or somewhere like that.
  5. Swimming with sharks with Dave at the blue planet.
  6. Driving through London at 10PM delivering parcel with Motty pissed out of our heads with a crate of lager on the floor of the van.
  7. Seeing state of Quo &John Cochlane with Thomas in Chester totally pissed doing the Ďwhere not worthy thingí piss take. I think John was mega impressed.
  8. Every Sinner boy gig Iíve been to.
  9. Saxon gig in London with Ian from Vauxhall and crowd surfing pissed out me head.
  10. Shell Island with mike peck 1982 watching peck head butting a wall.
  11. Halloween celebrations with the Nodials and ĎBlackburns at pendleí.
  12. Go kart riding with nick, mark and Thomas in cornwall. It was such a total riot and the competitiveness was unreal. The ride made your knees shake because the chassis was so low and rigid.
  13. Racing with Motty down the expressway and him getting nicked by the Old Bill.
  14. Despatch riding the early years.
  15. Motorcycling with Blackburns, spanner, Loopy and all the crowd.
  16. All the gigs I went with Mike Peck.
to be continued...