Welcome to the Nesthole's page of pictures.
"A picture is worth a thousand words" they say. Just as well, because if you can't be arsed writing 1000 words of unimaginative skits on books and films, you can always do a cheap cut and paste job with photo editing software and the end results will be just as hilarious.

faust toons Cartoons by Faust

Like Melanie Phillips on crack

added 21/06/10 by faust

goblin toons Cartoons by Goblin

Little pictures of self loathing

added 24/02/11 by goblin

wine Fatmans Fine Damson and Pineapple Wines Shop

Buy them quick before they explode all over daves carpet.

added 22/07/07 by fatman

bike Fatmans Mega Bike Customization Shop

Get a pumpkin drawn onto your expensive motorbike.

added 22/07/07 by fatman

A goblin and a caption Goblin's Caption Competition Fun

Bubbles with funny words

added 29/02/08 by goblin

mad Fatmans Mad Picture of the Week

The title says it all really.

added 22/07/07 by fatman