Welcome to the latest installment of the Goblin Caption Competition. Thanks to all the usual suspects for sending in your tasteless offerings, plus, er, a surprise entry from the matriarch of the goblin clan. Cheers mum. Obviously I was lying about mithril etc., though if any of you have World of Warcraft accounts it might be possible to arrange via Chinese mithril miners or something.

This week's picture sees the juxtaposition of two saintly, mystical, venerable and (mostly) non violent men; Gandalf, also known as Olorin, Mithrandir, Tharkun and others; and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
picture of gandhi and gandalf

The rules are very simple. Just mail in what you think these two characters would be saying to each other. Competition closes when I get bored of editing a website noone reads.
that picture with speech bubbles

by paulo, 17/08/09.

stylist caption

by MUM, 17/08/09.


by OG, 17/08/09.


by goblin, 17/08/09.

west end

by paulo, 17/08/09.


by paulo, 17/08/09.


by goblin, 17/08/09.

Caption competition quote of the week:

"For the black man, there is only one destiny. And it is white."-Frantz Fanon

"What do I think of Western Civilisation? I think it would be a good idea!" - Mohandas Gandhi

All future entries/pictures for future entries gratefully received

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